Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Other "F" Bomb

Remember when CNN defended its host, Glenn Beck, and his use of the word "faggot" on the air, AND his suggestion that the word wasn't "very derogatory"? Way to step in it even further, CNN. This "F" word is the n-word to not only gay but straight people as well, yet some still think it's appropriate? Did CNN permit the n-word on the air? And would they permit their hosts to suggest that it's simply a "naughty name"? CNN also had a host who slurred Muslims, gays, and more. (Though, interestingly, I doubt CNN would let a host slur blacks or Jews, so apparently free speech has its limits even at CNN.) But rather than apologize, CNN defended their host who thought the "F" word was appropriate for CNN, and who thought the "F" word" was simply a "naughty name."

In recent Social Site Comment fails:

If you thought Bristol Palin's teen pregnancy PSA was bad, then let's distract you with news that her sister Willow responds to Palin haters using the f-word.
Sarah Palin's Alaska's Sunday premiere drew a Facebook status update from some kid named Tre, who went to school with the Palin kids. "Sarah Palin's Alaska, is failing so hard right now," he posted. Responded Willow: "Haha your [sic] so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I've seen pictures of, your [sic] disgusting … My sister had a kid and is still hot." That was followed up with: ""Tre stfu. Your [sic] such a faggot."
No, your [sic] a faggot! Now quick, refudiate everything. 

50 cent made the news stating he'd use the "F" word "all day".

One of Chris Rock's stand-up bits,  he talked about when it is okay to call someone the f word. He said something to the effect, if one in front of you is singing "aint no holla back girl" and because they are so into the song they miss the green light and you are stuck behind red again, then you have a right to call them "f " word
I'm pretty sure if a Jay-Z song were playing, and Chris Rock was the one in the car in that same instance, he wouldn't think it was ok for the other driver to call him the n word.  Of course it isn't.
Via createdebate:
Anonymous replied: 
"People ask of us, not to use words as we see fit. But why? Why must we bend our will to fit the emotional needs of others? In the United States, Congress may pass no law limiting our freedom of speech and I, as a rational, self-interested being, take advantage of that right and speak my mind where, how, and when I see fit. Now, taking violent actions against someone who you would call a "retard" or a "faggot" is a different matter, because that violates one's personal rights. Man, in this country, does not have the right to condemn people to act in accordance with his emotions.

We all have freedom of speech in society but because we do does not give us the right to mention, out of ignorance, words discriminating other  people.  It might be your right, as a private citizen to speak as you wish but out of respect for others, it wouldn't hurt some to practice using their own personal censor. Freedom of speech or not, there is still a respect factor.  Whether you agree, approve or disprove of anyone or anything, I  still don't believe that gives us any right to drop f or n bombs. Period.


  1. There is a chasm of whirling shmutz between Rights and Morals. We can legislate rights (what we must or must not do), but we cannot legislate morals (what we ought to do). This is a pillar of separation of church and state, and why we broke from England. I agree with you that we shouldn't (ought not) treat people with disrespect. However, the more laws we pass forbidding and punishing morals, the more socialist we become. People (liberals, "L" bomb) are surely quick to vehemently protest a law based in Christian morals (marriage). "LET US BE WHO WE ARE!" Even though, get this, it offends others.

    Who gets to be protected by laws? Who is allowed to have their morals trump others?


  2. Very interesting read Meowlissa.
    Pain comes in many forms. Sadly the miss spoken word cuts like a knife.

  3. Not sure why we can't ban words like that...if you can't swear (much) on tv, then why not ban incendiary words?...not sure if I would be in favor of that but people at least oughta think twice (maybe three or four times) before they use incendiar words...


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