Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anorexic butt cracks

Ok. I haven't been around in a minute or so (obviously enough) but this is a mere attempt to see if my blog/computer/speedy fingas can all coexist in a world together again.  Blogger wouldn't let me post, repost or sneeze there for a while. Here it is. Like an anorexic butt crack....with wheels....and....metal legs.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogger owes me a box of chocolates and flowers

..............Or a beer.  I am still trying to figure out why I am having so many flipping issues with Blogger? I can't comment anyone-haven't been able to for days now. Attempting to actually get something to post...well...that is a pain in itself. Is anyone else having these issues? I've tried posting/commenting in multiple browsers without any luck. No Droid goodness either. Let's see if this one actually posts. Weeeeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blah, blah

I'm embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I have posted or visited.  Turns out, when life takes a turn for the good, post-traumatic-life-events, I sometimes forget to stop and take a breath. Thought I would take a tiny stab, as I sit here in the darkness with my chocolate, Captain Morgan, and almonds (to be healthy), to post a little somethin'-somethin'. Many of you have messaged me, apologizing for not commenting as Chrome and Firefox continue their path of quirks...all the while I am hiding in the corner with my chocolate. Anyway, is good. Blah, blah. I got this new job. Blah, blah. I got to tell someone off. Blah, blah, blah. My favorite season is about to kick off. My favorite Holiday is about to arrive. I will soon be another year older, blah, blah, blah.  I did get to visit this amazing place and cannot wait to return.

I haven't even been gaming. Its true. My gaming obsession is dying. It started with Aion and pretty much wilted more during Rift.  I have toyed around with Dead Island but it seems to come about 3.5 away from giving me psychotic convulsions so I don't play too often. I don't really need Operation-Brain-Implode to commence just yet.

Anyhoo, life is good. I cannot complain. Blah, blah. Aren't you glad I'm back?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Quiet Middle Finger

So in the midst of the adventures of the    Bird Anus Number 1     and all his Holy a-hole-ness, I completely neglected all the lovelies of my blog, my baby blog, even my fetus blog and the fetus of my fetus blog, my art, seeing all of my lovelies, etc.  ((Random Note to Self:  When your therapist tells you to quit your job because it is killing your soul, you should listen)) There were seconds every 3.5  a few moments that I was ready to go buy a pack of ciggys which was odd considering, this month consisted of my One Year Anniversary of divorcing ciggys.  Instead of ciggys, I opted for lots of chocolate and caffeine, because, you know, those two things really help relieve stress. I really was 3.5 away from Straight Jacket-ville. So, a little time later. Here we are. I have given my resignation and I am slowly getting back to all the goodness I left behind. Slowly but surely.  On my last day, I could always give Bird Anus Number 1 a swift kick to his mangina. Or two or three. I might just opt for a simple middle finger though.  So, there it is. Some of it anyway. Now I must catch up with everyone. Quick! Grab the booze!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'll Take Elvis Costello for 5,000, Alex

 Yes. I'm alive and a complete lame ass for that whole MIA/hermit routine. I have missed reading all of my kickass blog peeps soooo. *tear* 

Warning: About to commence Operation Rant My Ass Off for about 10 minutes.

Its totally going to be a 'play-The Cure-in-my-car-kind-of-day today'.  Sad bastard music unite! I might even have to add Echo & the Bunnymen and Died Pretty with a side of Avett brothers, Stabbing Westward, and City and Colour to the mix. Don't hate. Its a Sad-Bastard-Music kind of day.

Stress has officially kicked my bright porcelain ass one too many times this past month. The whole coming-home-in-tears-everyday-thing has grown so old so fast and is far too much sad bastard-ness for me. Really. See! The Tin Girl really does have a heart. Since I am semi-anonymous here, we won't name names but we'll call this cockstick, "Bird Anus #1". Just to be clear. So it turns out, Bird Anus Number 1 is a complete, uber ahole from the depths of uber, ahole hell. Fully equipped with donuts on one side and his cheap cigarettes on the other. Yeah. So he likes to scream in my face and breathe his cheap cigarettes and dead tooth breath all up in my business.  Lucky for me, my shortness comes in handy here. So Job B has been torture. I've been such a sad bird about it...I'm getting on my own nerves. As far as Job B is concerned, I can only handle the yells, lectures, glares, more lectures, screams, negativity and dead tooth-cheap cigarette breath so many times before I just burst into flames.  So the goal is that Job B will soon just be part of my Wall of Hell Shame and I won't have to deal with it anymore. Here's to not coming home in tears today or I will sock someone in the nose!

More randoms:

  • One day, I will go to Comic Con. You lucky bastards. I've missed out on all the Horror Cons and, once again, Comic Con. More shit to add to my pity party  to-do list. Woot.
  • What the hell happened to Val Kilmer anyway? I mean, really.
  • Thanks for making me think (in the midst of speed reading) that another 28 days/weeks flick was about to be released. Don't toy with my emotions. OK so I guess you redeemed yourself with the INTRUDERS trailer
  • Must. Make. Plans. To. Visit. Hocking Hills. Stat.
  • Regular soda, you evil bastard. You made me gain 8 pounds in under a week. Pfffft.
  • Reality is, my life isn't terrible at all. Sure, Job B is fracking awful and Bird Anus #1 is a prick but aside from that, things are pretty awesome. Too bad I can't focus more on the awesome rather than the horrendous details of Job B and the dick hole adventures of Bird Anus #1. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before I spontaneously burst into flames

A short funnies, just venting and lameness.
After years of playing the starving artist role, I'm about to step back into nine hours of workage today and everyday for the rest of my life. OK, I lie. BUT for the next two weeks, lots of hours are upon me. I'm hoping my advanced yoga helps me maintain and not snap in half at the waist when I tire out after all of five minutes. 

Anyhoo I hope you all had a great Holiday weekend and enjoy the rest of the week. Test numba won: Let's see how many blogs I actually post now that I'm working for The Man again. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Its official: I Need My MMO Crack

Totally open for MMO suggestions!
Being gameless is never good for an addict.  I think I'm 3.5 away from convulsing in the floor and screaming obscenities. Nothing new there, right? I've been playing Aion, mostly because I just needed that temporary fix to get me by until we renew Rift again.  I had an affair on Rift with L4D2, took Rift back with open arms...only to discover it too had been having an affair on me and what was an awesome server turned into asshat-ville. We won't even discuss the guild dramatics. I always thought us girls were supposed to be the drama queens. Have you guys ever tried running your own guild? We had great experiences in Aion with our guild but Rift was a whole other story. All ending with grown men all "Aw naw you didn't" and crying in the corner every night.  Enter: Rift divorce number 2. << Felicia Day, stop toying with my emotions.>>  So we decided after Rift's latest patch, we would wait for that and just transfer servers...which I have yet to do...which is eating my brain. Oh and in case you didn't know, we are console-less (as our PS3 met its demise about a month ago) as well so I officially have the itch and not the good kind...hey, wait.
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