Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mindless Tips and Tricks

My friend and I were laughing the other day about all these mindless tips and tricks we've shared over the years.  I mean, they aren't anything too fancy so don't get too excited. I have no Jedi Red Wine Stain tricks.  I just know I love to hear a good way to save something. Anyway, here are 10 little tips of mine.

1> Want to make a stencil for an art project or make your own border for your child's room? You can cut your own out of a dish sponge or a potato. Apples will work as well. If you use a potato or an apple, just leave the skin on where the "handle" will be.

2>  Did you drop your pressed powder, blush, eye shadow or bronzer on the hardwood floor one too many times and now its in pieces?  Just grab a little rubbing alcohol, a q-tip, and a spoon.  Add a little rubbing alcohol (which will eventually evaporate leaving you with your powder again), stir the powder makeup up with a q-tip and press it back down to a cake form with the edge of a spoon or flat object.  Let it sit over night and it'll be good as new. Or, just break the rest of your powder and turn it into Loose powder if you don't want to attempt the rubbing alcohol process.

3> Did your 4 year old son decide to draw all over the refrigerator with your permanent marker you left laying on your counter?  Nail polish remover will remove the marks almost immediately.  Sometimes you might have to wipe it down 4 or 5 times but eventually it will disappear.  Be sure to test a small area before you get Acetone crazed on your fridge though.
4> If you're tired of your plastic tupperware and storage containers never ridding themselves of garlic, onion or other food odors, freeze them over night. The smell will be gone in the morning.
5> Is your hardwood floor showing small scrapes and nicks?  Grab the crayon closest to the floor in shade and color in the small section.  If you get a little on the floor that isn't scratched, rub it off with pantyhose or a soft cloth.  
6> When candle wax has made a mess of your Crystal Holder, freeze it for an hour.  You'll be able to chip all  the wax right off without an problem.
7>Did you break your favorite lipstick?  Roll your tube all the way out.  Remove the lipstick. Cut off the broken piece. Use a lighter and let the flame graze one end of the lipstick.  Use a paper towel (or something to protect your hands from the making a bigger mess) and put the hot end of the lipstick back inside the tube.  Press gently until its reattached.Refrigerate until it has reset.
8> Did you accidentally scribble on your favorite shirt with a Sharpie?  Amodex gets the stain out of clothes.
9> My Great-Grandmother swore by fels-naptha soap.  Its in the grocery Soap Aisle (sometimes with laundry soap, others its with hand and dish soap) It gets almost any kind of stain out of clothes.  Peroxide works best on blood stains.  
10>Saving fresh flowers after they dry out makes a great flower arrangement.  I actually take a few of  mine out of water before they wilt and hang them to dry. Some are going to a wreath and some I've been adding to since my husband and I got married.  


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  2. That is such a great tip on fixing the broken makeup and I use Felsnaptha to make my laundry soap but didn't know your tips. Thanks!

  3. Hey Meowlissa! Great tips and my blush is in pieces. I'm going to do the rubbing alcohol trick. Here's a trick/tip for you. If you have a wood frame that you want to darken and not restain-just use shoe polish! It works and looks nice.

  4. Thanks girls! That's a great tip Julie :) Thanks for visiting and sharing :)


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