Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Art-Melissa Getting Her Thank You Card

The Ice/snow/sleet/good ole Midwest weather is on its way but a few things still make my heart melt.
I received a "Thank You" card from the most awesome kid on earth, my cousin's little girl, who is a fellow up and coming artist.

The card reads: "Mara wanted to say thank you for the unexpected and awesome doll and pony for Christmas.  She drew you and the thank you note beside you in red.  You look excited to get it."
She even drew my red hair.  It is titled "Melissa getting her thank you card"
                                                   Fabulous right? Definitely melted my heart.

Try as I might, I don't know if I can resist the devilish temptation that is the infamous Smiley Face cookie from the local bakery.  I'm still trying to work this kangaroo pouch off. But they're so good.  You only live once right? Well, you live once, then you're nipped, bitten, or even cannibalized a little pre zombie. Post zombie, you're just...well...a zombie. I'm sure my zombie self wouldn't mind if I have a smiley face cookie pre zombie state.  You want a cookie too, don't you?


  1. how quaint and adorable. what a fantastic little artist she must be. thanks for sharing with us meow.

  2. i think it's adorable when kids say their thank you's with notecards. So prim and proper and thoughtful. Makes you want to give them more, right?

  3. Thanks Sara :)

    Mice, it is so very adorable. Definitely makes me want to give more :)

  4. zombie cookies! mmmmmmm, I bet they taste like brains!

  5. indeed. and you have the best blog title ever.


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