Monday, January 24, 2011

Sarcastic Monday and Big Butter Jesus

Post weekend of People-who-take-appointments-but-break-them-but-don't give a courtesy call because they forgot their appointment, a few things are on this mind of mine.  For all I know, those that shall remain nameless could be a Secret Super Hero by night, (say that five times fast) but for the love of a monkey! Just call if you can't make it to an appointment. Better yet, don't take the appointment if you know you will disregard it. 

1.  Somewhere. Out. There. (said Dorothy style)  Does a Real life contractor who will actually make and follow through with a commitment actually exist?  In this economy, I'd like to think a company would actually appreciate a business opportunity.  Ya know, because, you actually get paid. With real money.  Come on real life contractors that keep their commitment! BIG MONEY-NO WHAMMIES!

2.  I have all these vintage-y photos of past generations of my family and have been kicking ideas around as far as something hip and artsy to be done with them.  I'm artsy and all but have yet to come up with an idea fantabulous enough to actually plot something. Any ideas? Most are black and whites and the old square photos. Lots of Model T cars my Grandparents restored and built, random family photos, etc.  I'll post some for your viewing pleasure at a later date. Here is one of my Grandparent's wedding day.

3.  Does everyone always have to post their passive aggressive/bi-polar nonsense via facebook status messages? I mean, really.  I'm all for sarcasm but it is beyond me why you feel so powerful as you obsess for hours over what you will or won't say via Facebook status message that you would NEVER ever say to someones face.  Wow. What a gem you are.  Nine times out of ten, your passive aggressive nonsense usually means you should keep your nose out of someone Else's arse.  If you can't say it to someones face, you might as well not type it out loud, right?  Then you wouldn't have to blame it on being "hacked". Better yet. *GASP* just delete. Or "remove connection" That's a good one too. Sneaky aye.

4.  As Cabin Fever rears its ugly, putrid face, I've been trying to find something not-so-typical to do.  A friend of mine recommended Offbeat Roadside Attractions.  As far as anything semi local, there is much left to be desired.  You know you've lived when you've seen the Biggest ball of paint AND The Big Butter Jesus.

5.  Artist's block is truly the DEBIL. Yes, DEBIL, (Also known as "DEVIL" but pronounced as DEBIL)essentially proving the evil Debilness ways.  I need my muse. I need my motivation and inspiration.  I need a slushy.

Hmm so as my artist's block continues, I'll be here plotting and planning, reading, writing, working, and blogging. Or attempting to, anyway. Story at 11. For now, I'll leave you with something I found quite disturbing. Almost as much as the witch from Mister Roger's Neighborhood. Don't act like she didn't scare you either.


  1. Looking forward to seeing some more of those vintagey photos :-)
    I'm with you on the Facebook thing.....some people seem to use it as a PR extension, for self-promotion, or otherwise to get a swipe at someone else!

  2. Dude, that whole passive aggressive thing on Facebook... That's why I just have to delete my profile every now and then. That and the people who feel the need to tell what they are doing or listening to every moment of the day.

    Love the pic of the grandparents! They look so in love and content!

  3. Nat you are so right :) I'm trying to get those vintageys uploaded this week :)

    Jen! So true. The only thing keeping me there is my family from all over the country. Its our lazy way of communicating :) Least I get to see you here around these parts! <3


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