Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesdays are Random, Falcor is scary

This totally isn't a real post but I'm posting anyway.  You have been warned.  Last night, my homemade veggie pot pie was a success.  You can find the recipe here Veggie Pot Pie No near death experiences, no fires. It was pretty much a win.

  Monday equaled  Leaky roof. Leaky drain. Flat tire. Unemployment form chaos. Broken drain stopper thingie.  I told a friend that my attempting to fix a drain stopper thingie is like Barney trying to sell Spiced Rum to kids. It makes no sense and no one wants to see it happen.  I don't know if it was due to all of Monday's mishaps but I dreamed of Falcor last night.  Makes absolutely no sense considering he gave me nightmares as a kid, I was a little disturbed either way.
Anyway, Happy Tuesday to all and to all a Good Night.


  1. NONSENSE!! Complete waste of three minutes.

    Thanks. ;)

  2. uh huh. You're welcome!

    Don't act like you weren't entertained.

    wait....THREE minutes? ;P


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