Friday, January 14, 2011

Your Branded Chest (Poetry by Me)

You walk among petals,
Falling deep into the day
I can heart it,
I can feel it,
I can see it,
Like a dragon’s heartbeat
That soothes me

You breathe your breath
Like we’re in an apple orchard
Or a field of hyacinth,
As if you forgot what it was like,
To breathe again

You paint a thousand pictures
With the words you speak,
Leaving our hearts naked,
Leaving the world behind.

In love with your words
I will feed your eyes,
 and paint you,
read you, 
consume your words,
black out the darkness,
and walk with you.

I will stitch your heart,
Nurse your wounds,
nevermore shall you roam,
without my outline
branded on your chest.


©  2011 All Rights Reserved for all entries in this blog.  Not to be copied or distributed without express permission of the author, Meowlissa


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