Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday

In honor of my Dad

Prismacolor, Wax, Ink by Moi

Happy Friday!
After my long shopping trip this morning, I totally fell Shaq style. Shaq style with a side of polar bear.  Looks like its time to finally install a new railing.  My dad calls me "Grace" for a reason.  This weekend I'll be hobbling around hobbit style after all my 140 pounds fell onto one knee. Go me!   If it weren't for a case of Diet Coke saving my tatas and face from a concrete smack down, who knows what might have happened.  

In non related and more random news:  my cousin and I were discussing Ron Mueck, a hyperrealist sculptor today.  His work is not only amazing but a tad frightening.  Here are a few pieces if you haven't seen them.

Anyway, I'm off to medicate this hot mess of a knee I have. Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Yes,I have seen the works of Mr Mueck and am pretty much blown away. It would take a load of weed to get me that creative.

    Take care of your knee. Sounds really painful. Love your rendering of diablo. You have talent. God bless.

  2. ed roth days and all those artists were great. this is a nice rendition here. does he still have his 55 chevy?

  3. Sorry about your knee, very weird sculptures and I like the red one the best. Get better soon.

  4. Yeah, the sculpture is freaky. Did you change your Avatar? I thought I was the only one to say "TaTa's". You have a good weekend too.

  5. OOOF! That giant baby! It is damaging my calm in a big way. Amazing but yes, creepy.

    Also, I doubt you could ever be clumsier than I am. If there's a way to bruise, break or injure an appendage I've probably done it or will do it. I hope you feel better soon. And am rejoicing that your ta tas remain non-pancaked. :)

  6. Very interesting sculptures... surreal is an understatement! I do like your ink devil :-)
    Hope your knee feels better...keep it elevated and weight off whenever possible!

  7. Awwww! I hope the knee is feeling better soon, and good job saving the girls from damage. :o)

  8. Thanks for the well wishes everyone :)

  9. @ Clint lol and thank you!

    @ J, Yep, 55 chevy in full effect now. Thanks!

    @ Angry, lots of rest for me :) red is always better. Just like the gingers of society.

    @ Sue, Yes I changed it :) I have a habit of changing it excessively. Tatas is better than some of my other words :) Good to see you!

    @Veg, no pancaked tatas here. Thank the higher powers for that. Psh. And they say Diet Soda causes cancer. Mine saved the life of tatas.

    @ Nat, aww shucks :) Thank you. No weight on the knee is a good thing. If only I could stick to it ;)

    @ Jen, thank ya! Its getting better. I can't believe I didn't break anything lol. And as of now, the girls remain in tact and protected. Wonder twins activate!


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