Monday, May 23, 2011

The sabbatical, randomness and a full shitter

Its true. I'm still here sneaking around corners and peaking through the curtains, just when you think I'm not looking.  We have the same color robe. I took a little Hermit Life sabbatical of sorts from the blogging world as well as all the social site drama. Of course I must return to the world of for social sites...not so much. I think I will manage just fine not knowing who had what coffee or tea for breakfast, how many times the neighbor's dog took a poo in their yard or seeing all the other compelling news stories my "friends" want to share every 3.5 seconds. I *have* missed reading all of you though and I hope everyone is doing well...or as well as you could be. I know some of you are celebrating not having been slaughtered by the zombies yet.
 What have you been up to?

As time has gone on I realize more and more that this little corn town AKA "The Eden of corn fields and meth labs" just doesn't seem to have much to offer. I think it might be time to take a few well deserved steps out of the comfort/settling zone. The whole lack of career opportunities, conspiracy theorist, pirate and dog attacking neighbors is killing my soul...slowly with a barbie sized knife and fork.  I haven't turned all "GET OFF MY LAWN" shotgun-esque or anything yet. If something doesn't happen soon, I can't say what could happen. Right now I'm half way between "Shitter's Full *wave*" and a cat-hoarding chain-smoker with a blue moo-moo.
It can only go up from here right? All signs point to big changes. That's all I can say.


  1. Definitely time to move my friend:D

  2. i love how the blog is all girly lookin now and you get all "dogpoo and shitters full" on us. always admired your class ;-) i heart you and you deserve the best this world has to offer.

  3. I'm a fairly tolerant guy so I have dismissed your extended absence as one of those misdirections of youth. However, I now feel it my business to inform you that such derilictions of duty will no longer be tolerated.

    A writer of your talent, charm and insanity is needed by the unwashed masses. I look forward to your next post, full shitter or no.

  4. Still revamping the el bano here. Hoping to finish the driveway by next week.

    100& agree with what clint said. You need to write more so we can read your random goodies. Enjoy the week. I hope to see more from you soon!

  5. Sometimes, that's what's in order. Also, bonus points on reference to my favorite line of my favorite christmas movie... ever :)

  6. Hey M! I was wondering where you'd been...hope the sabbatical helps formulate future plans.

  7. Welcome back, Meowy one :) I too have been sort of absent - not enough hours currently in the day to do a damn thing that's any fun. BAH! Here's to us all hanging out (electronically at least) soon. Ha!

  8. My absence was forced upon me by Blogger being all crazy and then...well I just haven't gotten back into the swing of things myself. Hopefully soon...

    Glad to know you're doing...well. ;)


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