Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 Reasons To Say I Love You

                                               I love you

These three little words can mean the whole world to someone. As a relationship grows and time goes on, you may not say it as often, as you get stuck in the routines of daily life. Telling someone you love him/her helps you maintain those close bonds over time.

1. Sweet love
Of course, the best reason to say, "I love you" is when you feel compelled to just blurt it out when the mood suddenly strikes.  Va-va-ka-blam! I love you!

2. Reassurance. We are, after all, human.
Hearing the phrase allows the other person to feel reassured that you really do love them. Let them know you are thinking about them, even though you may get caught up in day to day nonsense. If a person goes too long without hearing that you love them, they may start to fear that you don't.

3. Just because
Share the feelings now, just because you can.  Anything can happen tomorrow and you never now when/if you may get to express your love again.

4. The Security Blanket
Sometimes, no matter how confident and secure your partner is, if your sweetheart doesn't hear it, they just might begin to question or second guess your feelings for them. 

5. Intamacy
Maybe its been a while since you and your partner had some sexy time. Snuggle right up and say those three little words.  What's better than hearing that before *and after? 

6. Reciprocation
Stress at work gets you down and you're feeling a little out of sorts, maybe even a little left out.  Just hearing those three little words can bring a comfort to you and remind you, at the end of the day, someone loves you. Unconditionally, flat out, no holds barred loves you.

7. It is, after all, no matter what
In the heat of the moment, when you're having a disagreement with someone, it helps to say "I love you" just to remind the other person that you do really love them, even though you may be arguing at that moment.

8. Warrior Bodyguard Time
Maybe someone at work is trashing your partner, in turn, they are feeling down, share those three little words to remind them you support them, no matter what. 

9. Their Ego
When your lovey has conquered that long time goal at work or lost their goal weight, share those words.  You're proud to be their partner.  It never hurts to do a little ego feeding.

10. Those Moments
Maybe your husband's just tracked through 6 feet of snow to get you that pumpkin latte you've been craving or your wife slaved over the stove for hours....either way, those little moments are when it truly counts. Sometimes we take the little things for granted.  When he puts your coat on. When she gives leaves a note on the night stand. Those three little words can make all the difference.

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