Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Therapy, and Vomit

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In the midst of what has been quite an extensive block of the writer as well as the artist, I am still on a journey of Self Love, positivity, and accepting all that I have been dealt in this little life o'mine. So far, I have highlighted two therapist's lives today by, none other than, vomiting in a trash can in their office; only to hear them cringe with every violent vomit-y noise that expelled from my mouth.  Not only have I made my therapist cry, now I have forced two of them to watch me do the pukey dance.  Now their lives are complete. As I say goodbye to one therapist and welcome another, they had to endure an unwelcoming session of the vomit-y variety that I am sure won't soon be forgotten.  Good times.

Meowlissa card #62 ~I'm sorry you had to witness me dry heave and vomit for ten minutes.

Now I have to write a love letter. To myself. True. Story. Sounds arrogant doesn't it?  Hopefully I'll have more to share later. Until then , have a cookie on me. Or for me. Be sure to enjoy your Monday even if you puke in someone else's trash.



  1. You make me laugh! Oh noes. I hope u feel better soon and don't have the dreaded plague that is flu hell. Here's to puking in some1 else's trash can next time. CherylB

  2. Sure would hate to be a dear and glorious physician in good ole Zombietown with you on the loose terrorizing the medical community.

    I presume the therapists in question are providing needed treatment to the wounded knee? I hope that is it and that there is nothing more sinister going on.

    I think I'll have that cookie now.

  3. Hope it comes good soon, vomiting is rough but mostly for you, they'll get over it and good luck with the letter.

  4. @ Cheryl- Thanks love. And yeah, hopefully no more puking is in my future. I hope you enjoy your Monday :)

    @ Clint- Terrorizing indeed ;) The therapists in question just tend to my state psychosis. That's all :0 lol and my knee is getting better :) Happy Monday to you.

    @ Angry- Thank you :) This letter seems utterly ridiculous but I guess, with that whole "Doctor" thing, they might know what they're talking about ;) Or at least they pretend to. Glad to see you had a good weekend.

  5. What sort of therapists were they? Psychologists? LCSW? other? Not that it matters other than it might make it a bit funnier one way or the the other.

    Anyway, I think you're ability to view the situation with humor is a sign your mental health ain't that bad. ;)

  6. Letter writing, eh?...Therapists have all sorts of strange methods...What really matters is that you find one you have a good rapport...and one who is non-judgemental...

  7. You poor thing. Sounds like you have had a rough time. Focus on the good about you. I regularly ignore the bad things and try to stay positive. Easy to say right? Good luck with that letter.

  8. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at your therapy sessions. I bet they are fascinatingly interesting. More blogging please, my dear. Your writing is far more entertaining than anything in my "Entertainment Weekly." <3

  9. I think I might need to write a letter to myself, too. I hope things are better for you now.

  10. Trey, they're Psychs :) They've already used my story in one of their presentations. hehe. Yikes.

    M, you are so right. I've been pretty lucky to have a therapist like mine all these years.

    Sunny, I think you do a fabulous job of just that :)

    Jen, I'm sure some sessions are more entertaining than others. I do crack them up sometimes. Others I get lectured about using sarcasm lol

    Thank you Mice :) things are better.

  11. Writer's block is a bitch. And good luck with the letter writing. I'm sure the recipient would love it, considering that he wrote it himself.


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