Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine Clap Activated Bra

Whether its an important "Holiday" to you or just another day like all the rest, Happy Valentine's Day! (borrowed quote from my friend at life as ranee)

Something I found  in the Valentine news today was the Clap Activated Bra which totally made me giggle.


Some of you loathe this Valentine's Day, others are all about it. You have posted pictures of all the jewelry your significant others bought you, rings, necklaces, even a car.  To that I say, either he has been really, really bad or you have done something really, really good. Either way, I'm kind of a Valentine "in-betweener". I still haven't decided how I feel about the day.  I am a girl, so let's face it, even under all this sarcasm and bia-ness, rests a sappy soul. I just keep my sappy soul undercover. Speaking of undercover, don't you love how being the quiet, artsy, sarcastic girl gets you the "Stuck up, intimidating, weird, rude bitch" judgments?  Yeah. me too.

Anyway, if you celebrate this day, Happy Valentine's Day!
If you say FU Valentine's, then Happy Monday to you!
Here's to not having a shitty week! (Hallmark card #34)


  1. happy vday to meow meow! you crack me up girl!

  2. This is hilarious. And to think I stuck around thru the video waiting for the clap heard round the world. Hmmm. Ha. Happy V-Day!

  3. Thanks Cheryl & Happy Valentine's to one of my favorite brunettes :)

    Clint, you never know when we might hear that famous clap heard round the world! Happy V-day to you!

  4. Clap off bra was brilliant but the bluntcard made me laugh.....Thanks.

  5. Happy V-day,Lissa :) I have to agree wth the angry lurker, the bluntcard is hilarious!

  6. :-)))) Very funny! Happy Valentine's day!


  7. I heard about that clap-off bra on the radio yesterday. Sounds pretty fun in theory, but I'm thinking it probably works better with smaller breasts. Which I don't have. Oh well.

    Also, I would totally be into Valentine's Day if I got a card like the balls slapping your face one. That's real romance right there.

  8. Clapper bra: Great idea! I'd be clappity-clappity-clappity!

  9. I have so much to say about Valentine's day... But, the only really important thing is that I hope you had a great one! <3 ya, Meowy!

  10. I did enjoy your Valentine's post...made me smile, a lot!
    I'm not a big fan of the commercial side of V Day, but it's nice to be sentimental sometimes :-)


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