Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When the Treadmill Kicks Your

Its Tuesday and I can barely walk. And no, not for the good kind of reason.  Its winter and let's face it, Momma likes her cupcakes (And smiley face cookies and Captain Morgan and New Castle and chips) I value my curves as much as the next woman but winter tends to give me an extra "curve" or two. Muffin top? Floppy? Either way, Must tone and de-flab. During an ice storm, treadmill = a win. However, I had the bright idea to crank it and run 4 miles super speed style like the bionic housewife on crystal meth. Bad move, Meow. Bad move. Needless to say, I'm left hobbling around like I'm 3.5 away from a "Misery" hobbling.

In the randomness that is this Tuesday...
I also want to share some writers and friends of mine with you. They've supported me in the blog world for a few years now :)  Some of them have just arrived here. You should give them a look see.
Intellectualism with a side of good music and lots of kickass, visit EL JEFE @ Mental Graffiti
A common search for truth & great debates, visit j @ http://acommonsearchfortruth.blogspot.com/
The most fabulous Vegas Momma on earth, see Jen @ Jen Vamp Vegas
Good writes & Good reads from Words from the Fingertips of Madness

In related and/or non related news...


  1. You make me laugh. I've had my butt kicked a few times by the weights and stationary bikes. Not fun. I also enjoy an occasional martini and fried foods. Gotta lose a few pounds. Sigh. Good for you for makin' that committment.

  2. Tread mills can be harsh cant they? Charlie's butt dance is so funny. I have always fancied that show.

  3. I love your blog :)

    I like the phrase "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy"

    Thanks for brightening up the world

  4. Aw thanks, Beautiful! And, I don't know how you got that pic of me up there in my underwear. ;o) lol! <3 the Meowy...

  5. Next time, use the treadmill wearing roller skates and just hang on!

  6. Clint> Thanks~Its good to have a martini or two every now and again :)

    Cheryl> I love Charlie. He makes that show. Treadmills can be the debil.

    i heartpencils> Love yours too :] "fluffy's" stand up makes me laugh. Thanks for reading me. Love your work!

    My Jen> You're welcome love! I think we were twins separated at birth. Just sayin :) <3

    Trooper> Roller skates for the win!

  7. You are better than I. I don't even get on them there walkin machines anymore. I'm lucky to walk down the street to my car. I think we should just have an electric cart to shoot us from our door to the car and all over the world. Am I right or am I right?

  8. time capsule, time capsule. butt! so funny!

  9. I'm feeling a little extra curvy too. I know when the thighs start rubbin' I need to get walking.

  10. the sequel to afore mentioned great idea:

    treadmill+roller skates+can wine= FTW!

    see... math can be fun :)


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