Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuperbowLESS Sunday

Too much rum = Meowlissa takes her ball and goes home.

In more related random news...

Bite me, superbowl!

As I strolled down the basement steps to throw a load of laundry in, much to my surprise is the man-eating- force-me-into-a-state-of-psychosis centipede running at me like he is going to scoop out my brain like an ice cream cone.
....I know!

Animal rights girl, I am,. As for this guy? He wound up crackled & squished between my shoe and the concrete. Two heart attacks later, his oh-so-pleasant-spawn came scurrying over to see what the fuss was. He met his demise as well. Dreaded House Centipedes. Sigh. Apparently the Natural Remedies we used over the summer, don't survive the Ice or the snow.

As much as I can't stand the Commercialism that has become our "Holiday", I can't help but be a little excited for Valentine's Day.  Not to be sappy or anything, but I do, just happen to have, the raddest best friend/husband on this planet.  I'm truly the luckiest girl alive. 
*exit soap box*

As another new week nears, I'm still trying to decide what new Art projects to tackle. Artist's block truly is the devil. Whatever it is, I'm thinking "Series" will be part of my next project. 

While you have your Super Bowl and countless hours of nonsense and commercials, I'll be here, in the dark, with blankets, dvds, and chocolate. Yes. That's how I roll.  Maybe I will add 'Its Always Sunny in Philadelhpia' to the mix. I need to see the Mad Munchkin like stat.


  1. That is one ugly basement visitor! Kudos on protecting your turf!

  2. I try not to squash bugs...but I'd stomp the heck out of that thing...

  3. I agree with Mermaid and kudos to your significant other for being such a fantastic man

  4. A day of squashing bugs and eating chocolates in a dark room sounds pretty darn good to me.

  5. I can't wait to hear what you come up with your art project? I am still brainstorming with myself on a couple of art projects. :)

    As for having a significant other, it's always a good excuse for commercialism;)

  6. Mermaid, always protecting this turf of mine :) At least attempting to.

    Mikey, you know I stomped it out to the point of beating a dead horse...or bug.

    Clint, I'd have to agree there. Sans bug :]

    Mice, I look forward to your projects as well :) Hope you'll share them here in our world. Yeah, those significant others tend to bring it out in us, don't they? :)

    Franz, I hope you don't have to see any centipedes like these in that beautiful country of yours! I have Italy envy :)

  7. Ohhhhhh, I hate those horrible, freaky looking sons of bitches...they look like some kind of freaky Star Trek kind of bug that would embed itself in your brain after traveling through your ear canal...hahaha

  8. what nightmares are made of? yes. yes they are.


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