Friday, March 11, 2011

All About Meowlissa

I too have been out of the blogosphere a smidgen but the lovely, fabulous Nat over at JUST ABOUT NAT  gave me a little bloggy award. Thanks so much Nat :-)  

What the Award entails:
"""""Pass on the award to 8-12 fabulous blogs who take your breath away with how they inspire you! Post on your page who you are giving the award to, so others can visit them as well. Make sure to let them know you are honouring them! If you are a recipient of the award, please take the time to answer these questions, so we can get to know more about you!"""""

There's no holding a gun to anyone's head or Cyber Flying Monkey punishment if you don't post your own. I will, however, link my favorite reads that you might like to check out. Whether you spread the award goodness, have an award one me! And Nat! 

1. What inspires you?
Writing, Art, Music, Nature. Silence that really isn't "silent". The intriguing of the unknowns. 

2. What is your favourite season and why?
Autumn. The earth tones and vivid colors of the changing leaves, the crisp foliage and blooming Mums, the roadsides are covered with a vast array of beautiful colored trees. Forests look like a live burning canvas.  The pumpkins and apples. The cinnamon. The cider.

3. What are you most looking forward to this year?
Tackling a few projects on our home that never received the love and attention it deserves.  Seeing what this year has in store for me-whatever it may be.  Hopefully we will get to have our own little vacay getaway this year.

4. If you could write a book about anything, what would you write about?
My emo heart would write about all the mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse I survived as a youngster but the sarcastic side of me would have to write about all the crazies I've ever come into contact with. You know, the crazies that make Charlie Sheen and Dennis Quaid look like Robin Williams free basing with Eminem in prison.

5. What is your greatest passion?
Art: painting, drawing, sketching. Writing sneaks in there a little bit as well.

6. If you could change one thing about your life or yourself what would it be and why?
I would be more forth coming on the whole verbal tip.  But I can be pretty reserved so that gets judged as being "stuck up" or "rude" or "conservative" and all three of those judgments could not be farther from the truth. People seem to have a really hard time reading me.

7. Lastly, what is your favourite novel?
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne but I have lots of favorite reads so it changes. overall, That is my number one ;)


7 random Meowlissa's

1. My pet peeve is hearing someone clank ice around in their mouth. Or smack on chewing gum. It just sounds like their teeth fell out and they like listening to them *clank clank clank*, or *smack smack smack*  Makes me want to throw a monkey at a wall. Wait. Everyone knows about my animal rights activism. So I should rephrase and say, it makes me want to throw a stuffed animal at a wall. For the love of all that is Holy! Close your mouth.
2.  I'm a very detail oriented person to the point that I will remember all sorts of things that were said or random things that occurred, something I read, etc. 9 times out of 10, someone won't have a clue or remember even an ounce of it if I bring something up later.

3. I've had poetry published 7 times, 3 solo art shows, and won a handful of awards in my day.
4. I broke my hymen by jumping a ramp on a neighbor boy's bike and when I landed, the handle bars snapped forward. SLAM. Cooka right onto the bar. Oweeee. That was fun explaining that story to my parents.
5. My greatest fear of all time is Centipedes. I don't care if they're centimeters long or a foot long. Either way, I'm still going to scream like hell, hyperventilate, probably even convulse a time or two then try to run. I don't care if they can't bite or won't hurt me. They will always scare the holy begaggle out of me.
6.  I'm a klutz. I trip. I fall up stairs. I spill everything. I bump into everything. I drop everything. Break everything.  My Dad calls me "Grace" for many good reasons.
7. One thing I can't live without is Carmex.
Anyway enough random Meowlissa facts. Here are some people I recommend you check out :)

Some of my favorite ladies:
The pancake master JUST ABOUT NAT
The BA, the wonderful CALLING PEOPLE NAMES
The beautiful JEN VAMP VEGAS
The amazing MICE

And some of my other favorite reads are
His bag is organic!  ORGANIC MEATBAG
The evil genius ENVY
The best severed head ever DRUNKEN SEVERED HEAD
The most hilarious JGAVER
A super cool poppa BETA DAD
A world of minis ANGRY LURKER
and we can't forget about DOGS AND JEANS

I will share more of my loves later but I must tend to that which is the dreaded sink full of dirty dishes staring back at me. Thanks again for the love, Nat! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)
Til next time...
(No I didn't just fall off a cliff ;P)


  1. Yeah, I don't like centipedes either. Inscrutable little bastards, always distracting you from their true intentions with their wiggling little legs...

  2. Um Yeah, their true intentions of sucking your brain out through your ear while you sleep. Blech.

  3. Congratulations on the award and the revelations, made me smile and wince (hymen).

  4. I love these things, man. You find out the weirdest stuff from them. Busted hymen? Really? Awesome. And ouch.

    Since you and Nat both tagged me I will now resolve to do this. You have been warmed. :)

    Also, where can I see your art? I'd really love to. I love looking at people's paintings or drawings. Seriously!

  5. Now that's a rare hymen story. Millipedes and centipedes are treacherous little buggers.

  6. @ Angry- Thanks :) A wince and a smile keep things interesting.

    A Veg- Indeed we do. And, yeah.Busted hymen goodness. Uh oh tagging goodness ahead ;) I have a few artsy things throughout my page here and there. Wow. That was the best run on fragmented piece of hoohah words ever.

    @ Cheryl- Could have been worse. No bull horns for me, thanks ;)

  7. Hey Meowlissa!
    Great to find out so many interesting things about you... centipedes, hmmm..not my favourite thing either! That hymen story deserves a post of its own :-)
    Already knew you were a talented artist though!
    Thanks for taking part
    Have a great weekend

  8. Heya Nat :) Same to you, lady. Ha. Maybe there will by a hymen post in the future. Aw thank ya :) Happy weekend to you!

  9. yihaaa! I got an award? I'm just not sure which one to grab...hehehe. COngratulations on yours and thank you for passing it on. I am notorious at not passing awards to someone else. Maybe now's the time. :) let me know which button to steal :)

  10. Hey Lisa, I'm not sure if you got the first comment I wrote... but anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on the 2 awards and I wanted to ask which award I should grab so I can pass it on... I will try to pass it on although I cannot promise that one...I am not that reliable...hehehe.

  11. Hey Mice! Since its kind of confusing, steal both! hehe and you don't have to pass it on, of course ;)


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