Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm BranJenGalina, And So it Goes

BranJenGalina sounds similar to Vagina or more like some undiscovered STD yet to make its mark in history.
More random ranting.
And so it goes.

If I had a dime for every time I over-analyzed something in my brain until the dead horse spontaneously combusted, I would be a rich monkey.  And so it goes. The journey continues. Another page turned. Blah, blah, blah.  I realize we are our own worst critic but some of us sure do know how to bash one's love of self. I just wonder when the day comes that I will be able to own the love of self, the "iLove" and all that it entails. Thoroughly. Completely. Without question.  

Try as I might to not let "friend's" words and/or actions bother me; I fail. Times like these make me reevaluate the relationships in my life. I mean, I understand we are all human. We are all selfish piglets to an extent. What makes you think I want to hear from you in my "times are tough" moment when I don't hear from you otherwise? Well, OK. Actually I do hear from you. When you're in a big fat shitstorm that you have brought on yourself and you're in dire need of a listening ear. Someone to sob to over nothing. Someone to agree with you, tell you you're right and poof! You're gone. Never to be heard from again. Until.... So let me get this straight. Enter Meowlissa shitstorm. You come running. Not to help, just to hear all the gory details of the terrible. Enter your shitstorm. You come running again because no one else has told you what you want to hear, maybe Meowlissa will. Wrong. What about all the other moments in between? Why is it only "young and the restless" style? I could post some mundane nonsense on Facebook right now and I promise you I will get a text or a phone call about it. Within *seconds*. Only if it is negative though. 

"What is out of your control should not affect you" by: Someone

 Wouldn't it be great if we could all bask in the greatness that is life? Reasons to celebrate rather than feed on someone's drama and negativity? I am a pretty private person so I don't hear much out of these types of people until I let an ounce of a bad day leak and then I'm Brangelina and everyone comes running begging to know the details of the "terrible" that is my life and does my new tattoo mean I'm adopting a 64th child or is Brad having an affair, am I really jealous of Jennifer, am I the one who rocks a baby food diet? Blah blah blah. If you didn't know before, you sure as hell won't find out now. Stop trying. Really. And! If you must know, my tattoo is really of the name "Herman". The man who sells me all these babies at cost.


  1. Once again Bravahhh! Its sad these girls don't appreciate the wonderful soul you really are. They miss out on a lot having not done so.

  2. lucky for you we are 2 genuine birds. you really are worth so much. so so much and they don't deserve even a second of your time. its too bad people are such dildos in this world

  3. People are the way they are, just rise above it my friend.

  4. Hmmmm...Of course, people often have the opposite problem too, where people are "good time friends" but run for the hills when things get hard. I get the bottom line is a lot of folks are pretty fickle, one way or another.

  5. You are so right... When I used to post anything positive, I got crickets. But, something negative are possibly passive aggresive *RING!*... Anywho, I won't ask... ;o) BUT, I hope everything gets better. I am wrestling with the iLove demons as well... <3

  6. Yeah, it's funny how that goes isn't it? People seem to thrive on drama the same way I shy from it. I couldn't be less of an attention seeker - the fact I have a stupid blog is astounding to me since I'm private and I'm somewhat shy and I like my life low key and stress free.

    Ages ago I posted a thing about kids. Babies and kids. It was pretty anti children - well actually no, it was NOT anti children but it was anti people who think their kids have a right to be as noisy and unruly in public places as they like. It was saying we should be allowed a few days a week in restaurants etc. where it's adults only and maybe planes could seat people with kids at the back in their own section to segregate them from the rest of us who want a peaceful flight. I've seen other people say stuff like that and the abuse they got was awful. So I was ready, all gung ho to defend myself. And you know, not one person disagreed with me. Weird. Even the mommy bloggers I know.

    Of course Blogher was on at the time so all the rampant mommy bloggers were probably there talking about breastfeeding and stuff...

  7. ahh... "STD... make it's mark on history."

    I've heard many a naughty part names but "History" is a new one :p

    Ehhh. Some people are so miserable that they tune exclusively into negativity as an attempt to feel better about their own misery. Pay no minds to such people.


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