Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Page Turned (half arsed)

It has been everlasting moment
As I sift through the pages,
Of what makes this story 
and the
Open blank pages
Putting the cages to rest
Every second
Of every breath
Of your presence
I feel it
The old
The new
The frightening
The trepidation
The irony
The unanswered
The inevitable
I take you in
Like a blueberry cheesecake
A cup of hot tea on a cold morning
With my face in a spoon

Disclaimer: I don't call this poetry. Just some words I scribbled to release some thoughts that have been consuming my brain.  We all have our own life soundtrack. Our own story. Sometimes part of that story surprises you or moves you in ways you never imagined. Sometimes it bangs you like the back door in the wind of a hurricane; just when you least expect it. I think its important for us to sit back and enjoy the ride rather than try and steer the wheel in our controlling, OCD induced, fit-of-rage-control-freak-way. Just because you don't know all the details doesn't mean you know the plot to the story. And we most definitely cannot always predict the outcome.


  1. I agree. It would do our species a world of good to have a sit back and enjoy the ride moment. Not always of course. Just in those times where there is nothing we can do about a particular moment in time. Nothing we can do but sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope you are able to enjoy your ride. Love to you M.

  2. You're right, life can be a bitch, let's just get on with it.

  3. Sometimes it is nice to just be the passenger. It gives you a different perspective. Love the "face in a spoon."

  4. It's hard to release the reins of our life.

    But the funniest part is: We aren't in control even when we hold the reins as tight as we can.

    Control is an illusion, but it's just so damned pretty! ;)


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