Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday and a fake blog post

Happy Monday! I have so neglected my baby blog and my blog family.  What a slacker I have been the past week and a half.  Then again, I also spent the weekend with a lovely stomach bug from the depths of stomach bug hell. The same part of me that thought it best not to partake in alcoholic beverages somehow thought it best to eat enough Cadbury to kill a small Elephant. Then I wonder why I still feel terrible today *scurries to the corner, growling with her chocolate* So that shows you where my mind has been. Or does it? Even though I partake in this chocolate shaped bunny biz, I still haven't quite figured out how Pink Eggs and Chocolate shaped and/or stuffed animals are supposed to make your Jesus happy. Whether you celebrate the Holiday or not is your business, of course. Just sayin'.  When I was a little girl, I was taught to think baby chicks are "cute" and "adorable". Then my mother would shove those Marshmallow Styrofoam Candies in the shape of baby chicks in my face. That was just confusing. And pretty disgusting.  Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you enjoyed the weekend and this Monday is treating you well.  I'm hoping to channel gnomes of motivation today and not gnomes of influenza or any other illness, disease, or phobia. **fingers crossed**


  1. happy monday to you.
    They will make candy anything. God knows people will pay for it. "look honey. Just what you always wanted. Candy Poop"

  2. And I good Monday to you. I'd like to take this moment to complain about the shocking lack of Cadbury creme eggs in my local supermarket. They've got caramel-filled, and chocolate-filled, and dark chocolated-filled, but no tradition cream! It's a conspiracy of some sort...

  3. Hope you get better soon, look after yourself.

  4. Meowlissa! Any photos of you biting the heads off chocolate bunnies to share?

    Loved the Scizzorhands pony of the previous post. Made me snort!

    Would you contact me at I would like to send you a private message, but have no contact info! Thank you!

  5. I hope you are feeling better :) I, too have been a slacker in bloggerdom! :)

  6. Geez ... sorry you've been sick. Feel better.


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