Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, Mavs, Giant Albino Bat sightings and boob randoms

I spent much of the weekend goofing off with the Zombie Booth app.  I heart mindless entertainment to a T but I was rather sad that I could never get one of the Widow the Wonder Cat.  AND....AND! My Mavs pulled off a Championship. *cough, cough*, Lebron. *cough, cough*.
Even better, I was a Dallas Mavericks fan from point fetus.  Always have been. Always will be. For that alone, there should be cake. Lots of cake.

I'll be running tonight. Fingers crossed for a few things.
1. My mini D's don't put my eye out (or my husband's) with each step I take. This calls for a Double bra feature. Bra A under Bra B, and hope that I don't need to use Bra C to keep those puppies strapped down.
2. No vomit would be an uber plus.
3. No coronary would be an even bigger plus.
4. I'd also be good with no asthma attacks. I mean, not to be picky or anything
Another random thought or concern is: Will my bat wings expand and retract as I run? No tank tops for me. I can't have anyone making a "Giant Albino Bat sighting" and putting me on youtube. Then my cover will be totally blown...hey, wait...


  1. Sara JoAnn Mighty Mouse JdawgJune 13, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    love the zombiebooth app!i have bat wings too. you and i both know mine outweigh yours by like 85 pounds. i hope your workout goes smooth girl. rootin for yeh'.

  2. LOL Your zombiebooth thumbnail appeared in my Blogger feed and I was all "whatthefuckizzat?!"

    Good luck on your run! :D

  3. LMBO. I know a few other women that need some multiple bra education. Good on you for practicing said education.

    Good luck Meowlissa.

  4. 2. No vomit would be an uber plus.
    3. No coronary would be an even bigger plus.

    I love the standard bar you are setting ;)

  5. That is one frightening picture.
    Now we will have to take up donations to get you a new shirt!
    Have fun running. I still miss it.

  6. I find running to be harder than swimming, good luck.

  7. Go Mavs - was so glad they pulled it off.

  8. I bet if a man went blind from getting a D in the eye, he wouldn't complain THAT much. It'd make a great bar story when someone asks, "How'd you get that eyepatch?"

    "You looking at these pair of lovelies right here? Well, you shouldn't. They're DEADLY."

  9. First Oklahoma City steals our team...then Dallas wins the big one...What's next?...We're forced to change the name of our state to West Arkansas?...Sheesh...


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