Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random things on my non-shitlist-list

***Non shitlist Numba Won:  It is official. I will be returning to the Day-job-world next week. As I sit here and try to enjoy my last week of being day-jobless, I find myself maniacally scrubbing every nook and cranny of the house, OCD style, skipping meals and scurrying around like a starved, sleepless crackhead. I'm not really sure why...I guess something in me fears, once I return to the world of day-jobness, I will never again be able to clean?

***Non Shitlist Numba Toooo:  Yuengling beer will finally be a tiny bit more local instead of 9 hours away.  This is good, yes?  Yuengling Coming to Ohio

***Non Shitlist List Numba Tweee: I wanted to get a cake to celebrate this whole going back to the day-job business thing but I haven't yet. Just the thought of it makes me wanna scratch someone's eyes out to get some all warm and fuzzy inside so it still makes my non-shitlist list. Still though. There should be cake. Lots of cake.

***Non Shitlist List Numba Fawww:  I saw Red Riding Hood over the weekend. It didn't suck.

***Non Shitlist List Numba Fiiiiiii:  Even though I can't bend all gumby style or do 100% of my advanced yoga-ness yet, my daily workouts have officially become more of a routine than coffee. I no longer need an IV coffee drip to survive.

***Scurries off to clean more*** because I will never be able to clean again, dontcha know?


  1. Obsessive you......no way.....cake and red riding hood....sounds good, thanks for that my friend.

  2. you always make me laugh mel. congratulations on the job! oh you must get some joyanns to celebrate! john will be so excited about the brew. i still remember you bringing shannon over with trunks full to the brim! lol

  3. I don't know about that Red Riding Hood. While I wouldn't say it sucked, I wouldn't exactly give it a recommendation. Pretty images at times, though.

  4. Congrats on the job. Get some sleep.

  5. You can never have too much cake :)


  6. The cake is a lie! ;)
    Congratulations on the new jobby job!

  7. Sara Jo JenningsJune 21, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Its true. the cake is a lie. Congrats again kiddo. Hearts!

  8. Yuengling beer is one of my favs

  9. I too am returning to the dreaded day job.

  10. Congrats on the Yuengling ! They have it down here in NC and i drink it every once in a while..

  11. @ Angry- we all know I am not obsessive...at all. Maybe just a little or...wait...

    @Cheryl- thanks! Definitely need to stuff my face with some Joyann's before I start work. Its a given.

    @ Trey- Yeah my artsy side made me dig it. I can't help it.

    @clint- Thanks! I will definitely try.

    @The Queen- This. is. true. =)

    @Lex-lol This. is. true. too. lol

    @sara- Thanks love :)

    @Timmy- I definitely cheat on New Castle with it every now and again.

    @Red- Good luck to you :)

    @Mike- Us sheltered midwesterners visit NC and bring trunkloads home. Soon we won't have to do that :)

  12. Having some OCD issues? Well if it is for cleaning the house then I am all for it. I thrive when the house is sparkling. Can't stand it all messy. Good luck with the new job.

  13. Ha! You and me both obsessed with the cleaning thing at the moment :-) Congrats on the new job and good luck... definitely a cause for cake, and lots of it!

  14. I'm self-employed and still don't clean house. I think I'm one of those people who are destined to have children purely for the free labor.

  15. Yuengling being closer is always a plus. It is made at the oldest brewery in America.

  16. i would like to try some yeungling

  17. I'm new to your blog. I love your writing style! And now I may actually check out Riding Hood :)

    Following! :)


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