Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Wednesday Stuff and stuff

It is officially hotter than a Fraggle fire in the sun here. Hopefully there won't be any spontaneous combustion in my near future. The only functional SPF for me is a Trenchcoat and a blanket, otherwise I would be aflame. Don't tell anyone but my *real* super power is having the capability of being your natural flashlight in the dark.  
Even though its hotter than the sun, I'm still enjoying this Spring/Summer/Imaginary Season so far. Considering how much Firefox seems to hate me at the moment, I'll just more some random summer pics and stuff and stuff and even more stuff and stuff.

 Its official. Firefox hates me today. That is all.
Until next time


  1. Good pics especially the polar bear, it's pissing down over here and I'm freezing.

  2. I hear ya, it's hotter than a coondog on a Georgian mudslide in the backwoods of a... Awe nevermind. It's friggin hot here too.

  3. I'll have another toke, please.

  4. Random is good! I do random all the time :-)
    What the hell is going on with those 3 turtles???
    Hope you don't spontaneously that trenchcoat fire-retardant? Keep a fire extinguisher to hand, just in case :-)

  5. Sara Jo JenningsJune 8, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    Glow worms unite! ***dances*** A glow worm AND a fraggle mention? To what do we owe this honor? P.S. This Sean Thomas Fisher person made me giggle.

  6. Yeah, that polar bears got the right idea.

  7. You should try Chrome, i love it. And random images make us happy ;)

  8. Adore the photos. I love your polar bear. I can't wait to take the girls to the zoo this year. If we don't catch fire from this heat.

  9. Great Photo,random images ok!

    a hug!!

  10. Firefox hates me, too. Bastard never updates properly for me. Chrome won me over ages ago -- it is pretty awesome.

  11. @ Angry~ Freezing is no good. I would be more than happy to share some of this zillion degree weather.

    @ Sean~ Sounds like serious business. And yeah. I just want to sit under a fire hose like a happy elephant with an umbrella in one hand and ice cream in the other.

    @ Clint~ You're silly :P

    @ Nat~ Random = less boredom. Or whoredom. Or. Well. You know. Apparently when turtles are locked inside a 2 foot space, they need lots of lovin.

    @ Sara~ I don't know what was worse..gloworms or those little dolls we had that smelled like fruit punch lol. Nothing like a potty training kid cuddling up to sleep with a doll that makes you want to drink.

    @ Trey~ He was a smart one. He even gave us a little show =)

    @BigMike~ I actually had Chrome but I divorced it again for the big F. Not realizing, in my haste, I would want to punch myself in the eye afterward.

    @Cher~ Thanks Cher =) Always a good time. Hope you guys are having a great one so far!

    @ Franz~ Thanks F :) Hugs back at you~

    @Lex~ I divorced it for the big F and now its just being a bastard times ten. None of my add ons will work properly, in turn, no site will load or function properly. I think it took the blue pill.


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