Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blah, blah

I'm embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I have posted or visited.  Turns out, when life takes a turn for the good, post-traumatic-life-events, I sometimes forget to stop and take a breath. Thought I would take a tiny stab, as I sit here in the darkness with my chocolate, Captain Morgan, and almonds (to be healthy), to post a little somethin'-somethin'. Many of you have messaged me, apologizing for not commenting as Chrome and Firefox continue their path of quirks...all the while I am hiding in the corner with my chocolate. Anyway, so...life is good. Blah, blah. I got this new job. Blah, blah. I got to tell someone off. Blah, blah, blah. My favorite season is about to kick off. My favorite Holiday is about to arrive. I will soon be another year older, blah, blah, blah.  I did get to visit this amazing place and cannot wait to return.

I haven't even been gaming. Its true. My gaming obsession is dying. It started with Aion and pretty much wilted more during Rift.  I have toyed around with Dead Island but it seems to come about 3.5 away from giving me psychotic convulsions so I don't play too often. I don't really need Operation-Brain-Implode to commence just yet.

Anyhoo, life is good. I cannot complain. Blah, blah. Aren't you glad I'm back?


  1. Congrats and welcome back. And goodluck on this new job

  2. Welcome back,beautiful place!
    Great shots!!


  3. I'm glad you're back!
    I miss your updates!

    I haven't tried Dead Island yet... I suppose I should. Also, those pictures are AMAZING!

  4. Please tell me that the moon shot was as you saw it and didn’t use no filthy Photoshop style trickery….

    As this is a first time visit I can't say that I have missed you or even noticed that you had gone – Harsh but true….

  5. Glad you're back blah blah blah Glad you told someone off blah blah that's good for the soul...interesting place you visited blah hope the job's goin' well blah blah hey, it's a job blah. Read my blog and leave a comment blah ...

  6. Didn't even know you'd gone away. Welcome back, nonetheless, anyhow.

  7. wow great pics, especially the one of the moon. Everytime i try to take a pic of the moon it ends up being a blur in the sky

  8. Seems like life is pretty good for you. Good news. Your profile pic is darling. You look great.

  9. Thanks guys :)
    @Log, I'm not smart enough to use Photoshop. @Bart, I used to have issues as well but I figured out how to macgyver the flash, zoom and leprechauns to get a decent pic.

    I wonder if the commenting issue is fixed?

  10. Life being good outweighs 'gaming life-being-good' every time. Nice shots here!

  11. Hey! We missed you... hope you're back for good!
    Where did you take those photos... looks like an amazing place!?

  12. I understand completely....
    Keeping up on these darn blogs CAN be a pain, can't it?

    I guess it's all a labor of love sometimes.


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